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All Members: Below is the relevant portion of the new Safe Sport Code. This clause states that no matter what the organization (AAU or other), a Participant (USA Wrestling member) shall not be coached by a suspended coach. The last clause says that if a parent knowingly allows their child to be coached by a suspended coach, the athlete can be suspended. USAW cannot allow coaches to skirt the Code by going through AAU or anyone else. 
Aiding and Abetting is any act taken with the purpose of facilitating, promoting, or encouraging the commission of Prohibited Conduct by a Participant. Aiding and Abetting also includes, without limitation, knowingly:
1. Allowing any person who has been identified as suspended or otherwise ineligible by the Center to be in any way associated with or employed by an organization affiliated with or holding itself out as affiliated with an NGB, LAO, the USOC or the Olympic Movements;
2. Allowing any person who has been identified as suspended or otherwise ineligible by the Center to coach or instruct Participants;
3. Allowing any person who has been identified as ineligible by the Center to have ownership interest in a facility, an organization, or its related entities, if that facility/organization/related entity is affiliated with or holds itself out as affiliated with an NGB, LAO, USOC or the Olympic Movements.
4. Providing any coaching-related advice or service to an Athlete who has been identified as suspended or otherwise ineligible by the Center.
5. Allowing any person to violate the terms of their suspension or any other sanctions imposed by the Center. In addition, a Participant also violates the Code if someone acts on behalf of the Participant to engage in Aiding or Abetting, or if the guardian, family member, or Advisor of a
Participant, including Minor Participants, engages in Aiding or Abetting.
Below are 4 important Documents that "ALL" coaches and club leaders should download and use. These are ways to prevent and hopefully protect you from potential problems for your wrestling organization in the future.


Team VAWA Elementary and Middle School

Follow this link to obtain information about Team VAWA for Elementary School and Middle School Wrestlers. Sign ups have begin for the Fall/Winter Season

Wrestlers Who Won 100+ Matches in their High School Career: Check Our List!

All former Virginia high school wrestlers should check out our list of athletes who won 100 or more matches in their career to make sure their name, school, graduation year and number of career wins is listed. You can check the list by clicking here. If you need to be added to the list please email Rob Prebish with your information and he will add it to the list!

Team VAWA Coaches Mark Strickland 2019 USA Wrestling Masters National Freestyle Champion and Rob Prebish 2019 USA Wrestling Masters National Greco Roman Champion and Freestyle Bronze Medalist

2019 Team VAWA Fargo Nationals

2019 Fargo National Team VAWA

2019 Fargo Training Camp

Virginia Referees Working the National Championships in Fargo

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VAWA Coaches Information Database

VAWA is going to create a database of wrestling coaches within the state. The purpose of this form is to create a usable database where wrestlers, parents, and other coaches may contact coaches for information, scheduling, etc. Please fill out this form to be included in the VAWA Coaching Database

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